Jewelry Box
Hard Maple, Imbuya Veneer
140 x 220 mm



Jeff Hohner, 2001



This box is truly kinetic! By pulling up on the lid you reveal the box's central core. At the bottom of this core is a small tray for jewelry. The core is held aloft in its open position by a number of magnets in the jewelry tray and the upper rim of the barrel. A gentle push on the core will break this magnetic bond and the core will slowly close, descending into the barrel with a soft pneumatic motion.

The body of the box is a coopered constuction: 18 staves were glued together to form a barrel. After gluing, the barrel was put on the lathe and turned in order to smooth the barrel's 18 sides into a true cylinder.


This was then covered with blistered imbuya veneer. Because of the function of the box, it was critical that the inside of the cylinder be uniform too. This would have been difficult for me to turn accurately, so I build the barrel around a length of PVC pipe. This inner sleeve was covered with maple veneer to match the maple end caps and core. The caps and core pieces were turned out of hard maple.

This piece received an Honorable Mention in the 2001 Northwest Fine Woodworking Box and Container Show. 

designs & images © Jeff Hohner