Jeff Hohner
Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Since 1983, I've designed and made furniture in my spare time, or whenever I've needed a new bookcase.

In 1996, I moved to Nelson, British Columbia, a picturesque mountain town located halfway between Vancouver and Calgary, Alberta. While living in Nelson, I discovered that the local college, Selkirk College, offered one of Canada's leading programs in fine furniture making. I couldn't resist enrolling. The program is so popular it has to maintain a waiting lists of applicants, but after a few years my number was called.

In 2001, I graduated from Selkirk's Fine Woodworking program and was accepted into their competitive Second Year program of self-directed study.


In my first year, I studied under Michael Grace, one of Canada's top furniture makers. In my second, I studied with Doug Zech, an accomplished studio furniture maker with a fine arts background.

The program stressed traditional technique starting with hand tools, joinery, and sharpening. It progressed to instruction in power tools, jig making, laminating, veneering and finishing. It also included courses in design, drafting and furniture history.

During this same time period, Nelson was blessed with a second furniture program, this one at the Kootenay School of the Arts (sadly, this program has folded due to lack of government funding). The KSA program focused on furniture as a product of industrial design rather than craft (as the Selkirk program did).


While waiting for a spot in the Selkirk program, I took a short course at KSA in Furniture Design Fundamentals and had the opportunity to study briefly with Michael Fortune, another of Canada's leading studio furniture makers.

Before deciding to make furniture, I worked as a computer technician, computer programmer, web designer, writer, editor, and bike courier.

If you would like to learn more about my design philosophy and design influences, please visit the design section of this site.